Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Challenges: Don't Fear Them, Chase Them

Challenges are something that makes us who we actually are. We human constantly try to define boundaries and push them further to achieve more. We have always been terrified of our dreams. When we were young and child, we used to get afraid of the ghosts and as we grew up, problems of surviving in this world started to take a toll on us. It seems people have forgot to live their dreams.
Only few of us might have dared to dream and rest of us just have the fear of fear. A human race was created to survive his dreams, we are made superior because we have ability to think and do something that majority of the animals aren’t capable of.
The only thing that you should no fear in life is fear itself. Only the word itself is fearful, else, if you try to see a bigger picture, you will find that we have lot more to achieve then just stay there and be afraid.

Challenges and Fear

We have challenges in life, we being an optimistic creature, we try to see the pros of completing those challenges. I don’t say its bad to get afraid or Fear is a bad thing, it is the most beautiful thing that can drive your life to success.
Challenges bring fear of not completing the challenge. But it if fear of not completing the challenge, can turn your thinking and deed around towards completing the challenges in the most cheerful and with best efforts possible. Here I will be discussing about what you can be doing to avoid that fear and use it in the most positive way possible.
·         Fear is failing to understand that fear isn’t the thing that you cannot complete the challenge, but its your inability to realize that you will succeed.
·         Challenge your fear, don’t fear your challenges.
·         Day dreaming is another thing that drives you to fear. You just keep thinking about how miserably you will fail your challenges, instead just go and get what you dream of.
·         Biggest fear is that you actually don’t know what your challenges are. You just are a lazy fellow, carefree about anything and everything that is happening around you. How do you think its going to help you achieve your dreams?
·         You give up on your dreams when actually you are perfectly prepared by the challenges that came forth.
·         You just fear that using your valuable time that you call it “Free Time”, in achieving victory over challenges, you think its going to waste your free time. Well, the word free is a waste in itself.
So how can you actually get ahead of your fear? Well have a look at some tips below and ask yourself, isn’t that something you have not been doing.
·         Don’t fear to fail. Failure isn’t an end in life, its very beautiful yet painful bend in life.
·         Be SMART
S-Specific   M-Measurable      A-Actionable   R-Relevant    T-Time bound
This is what you need to have in your life as goal.
·         Leave the ego of working alone and have an opinion or helping hand from someone every time you fail to do it yourself. Getting help won’t decrease your worth.
·         Most off, Be Active. Something is better done now than never.
·         Just face the fear, don’t show your back.


We can now conclude this post by saying that ones you start to realize your fear and start to chase them away, you will notice that you are happier every day. You wake up fresh, you tackle the most difficult problems in the life with ease, and you have a clear vision for what your decisions should look like and what consequences it might have. Realizing these key things in life will make you stand above your fears, dominating all your challenges.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Capability And Opportunity

How many of us have actually thought at times about ourselves? We definitely have thought of our capability and opportunities we have had with us. We all might agree that at some point we have thought that we have capability but not enough opportunities and vice versa. This whole world of us has been driven by these two words "Capability" and "Opportunity". Some have either of them, some have both of them but none has neither of them.

When we look back in time at our childhood, we find each one of us were very curious and innovative. We were not big enough to understand our capability and opportunity stuffs but we were pretty creative. We were curious to know how things worked may it be even the smallest of things, we destroyed stuffs in the sake of learning their working. Though we couldn't fix them back but learnt how to open them. We exactly knew our way into things. We were full of excitement and curiosity.
But thanks to our education system, rather than developing our mentality to clear our vision, understand our aim, we were herded towards a similar yet useless education system that tested our capability to remember things rather than inventing things. All those traits that we gathered over time in our childhood accounted to nothing. all those abilities, capabilities, were judged upon our ability to remember but not under our ability of creation. The equation we have ever had set in our life were just jeopardized from where we had only things to lose.

The skill and talent we have had at those tender age are only carried further by few capable one's who just listened to themselves. As we grow up, if we are on the track we have set, we tend to get brighter and brighter but being on track with someone else's lead, takes away all our brightness in lighting up the way in front of us. So the equation needed a new term to it that could define the perfect meaning of innovation "dedication". Giving away everything you have just for the sake of your inner satisfaction that you get from achieving your dream is true meaning of being successful. Our vision will prepare path for us, capability will lay the foundation, opportunity will be our backup but only the dedication will take us there. 

Few changes are there to be made for establishment of foundation of strong and successful personnel. The education quality and quantity are ought to be prepared to takes us places we desire to go not where we are made to go. If this thing is made possible, we will no longer have the requirement of opportunity, because we will be making them based on our own capability and the innovations are there to follow. 

Never kill the child within you. People might criticize you upon being childish but it is the safest and greatest way to live life you always wanted to. It is the only foundation to your innovation that lies forward. Everyone has their own caliber built within and to excel that quality, you are required to be what you were when you had taken those steps forward. Grow your peripherals securing your inner yourself. The equation of life will try to change you, you would rather change those equation to your greatness.  

Saturday, May 5, 2018

World Without Love

Imagine what today's world would be like if we had to remove a word and its essence or its existence from our life! How would the life feel like without that sensation? The answer is simple and straight-forward, "EMPTY". And the word itself gathers everything within it, "LOVE", a boy does to a girl, a she does to a he, he wishes from her, attention, care, whatever you call it. Whenever we speak of love, we imagine love between a male and a female. That's topic of discussion for some other blog but this time, "What if we lose its existence?", this is my topic.

We have witnessed many forms of love throughout whatever stage of life we are in right now. Right from the birth to the days to come, we expect and get love in every other forms. We get it through care, attention, love itself and other. We get it from the mother who brought us to life, father who fights for the future, brothers and sister who makes life memorable, someone we admire, someone who we fantasy, a partner for life, every possible relations we can put forward. What if we lose it? What if nobody has it? What if everybody ignores it? We wish for love, who has none, wishes for some, who has some, wishes for more, but everybody wishes for it in any form. If we lose love, we will lose our identity as human. Animals too have love for their kind, though they can't tell but they can show. The truth we are working to get back, HUMANITY, is just another form of love towards our species. Everything has got its opposite part that is why we have got antonyms. 

Actually a world without love is not possible. Even the most prettiest of flower Rose blooms among the nasty thorns. The love as well seeks its way through the hatred in the world. Even the cruelest of the ruler had fallen for it, let alone the simplicity of others. Had it not been for love, No Adam And Eve would have occurred. The species we are proud to be called would never had existed. Love isn't a word, its a complete meaning to feel. Some might describe it this way or some might say it that way but in the end, everything is just the same. There has been too much of hatred in the world, we have to learn to love now. We have to be able to show the true purpose of this human life, just love and be loved for the person you are and would always want to be.
Love is a beautiful feeling, showing love, care, affection is a beautiful sensation, and being loved, cared is just a step in some beautiful world. Don't wish for a world without love, it is too dangerous for your own kind. Love everyone, admire hard work, care for the beautiful time and in the end be thankful for what you have. Love cannot lose its existence till there is this world standing where it is.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Being Human Again

One of the oldest and most required religion at present that world is in very much on the edge of extinction  is Humanity. Its the only religion the world ever needed. People have always been like "Let's destroy it, will regret about it later." Due to the reason of some, all have to suffer in the end. Due to the inhumanly behaviour, we are losing our identity as the most superior species in the nature.
We have got solution for almost everything in this world but always failed to solve the humanity related troubles. 

We human have always been superior. There was a chain of evolution that brought us to the position we are at present. We proudly call ourselves superior because we have been through a lot but the irony is that the troubles have been there just because of our own species. We human have been the only threat to ourselves. If there is anything that we require to be aware of, it's surely another human by our sides. We come to know when someone is trying to be saviour of some kind but don't even get to hear about the cruelty because the act of saving has been least in the number and can be counted on hands but cruelty is just uncountable.
There were times when humans used to be afraid of animals, they used to treat they as they required and that was the purpose of nature. The fiercest being used to be the one praised. There were boundaries between the line of control. The nature used to be well balanced. Everyone, every being, every species were in their correct and most favourable habitat. But as we see the human history, being favourable for every being is not what we want. We experiment around each and every thing that's meant to be the way it is by nature. We pet animals, get them away from their natural habitat and yet boast to maintain balance in nature.

Lets talk about the latest news of extinction, "Sudan, the last male northern white rhino." What have we been doing till now is really the cause of extinction of species that were meant to last longer than we human. As provided by our instinct, we boast ourselves to be the superior. During the whole lifespan, when the northern white rhinos were adequate in amount, they were poached by human. Its really so disgusting that what we human can do for ourselves. Not just this very species of animal but many others were our prey of inhumanity. There will be a day when we human as well become extinct by our own deeds.The extinction is one part of my story, but the irony is yet to begin. We human have been killing, destroying getting haywire with others habitat, lives and when there's just a few in number left, we try to find ways to save them.

Trying to save when we have just little left is just an irony of human nature. We have to save when we have in abundance, but we do it in different style. From the latest updates scientists have provided that they are trying to save the northern white rhino species by the help of there closest relative southern white rhinos, seriously!!! What's the point in being a human when we just go on destroying everything. And in the name of science, we continue our experiment and challenge the  nature. Trying to save what is lost is not the best of ideas I guess. Its better we start saving whatever we are left with. If the experiment continues, then who knows, when the originality in every other species will be lost forever.

My point is that if we all become responsible towards what ever wrong or right thing we have been doing in our life, we will be able to provide a better future for ours and other species in this planet Earth. We all share the same common habitat, Earth, and none have the right to be the cause of anyone's extinction. Try to do whats your part to make this planet a happy place and you will start seeing the difference just before your eyes. We just have one place to live, lets make it happier for all.

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Destiny, faith, fortune, luck, they are different names for the same thing we know. But what do we know about destiny, do we even have a slightest knowledge about it? We might know it as "the hidden power believed to control future events". We just know that what ever happens, was destined to happen. These words are there just to fool us that if anything happens in our life, its because whatever we do, its gonna happen. There starts the meaning of destiny for us.

We humans are the only intelligent being on this lonely planet earth. We have the sense and power to do what we desire and what tends to be important for survival. We change the meaning of our life, we continuously try to change things that are not meant to be changed and when we fail miserably, we blame the destiny. We might have heard of the mighty tales of gods no matter what religion we belong to. Every religion has stated that everyone has his or her destiny to fulfill, just we need to know them.

We search for answers all over not understanding that every question has its answer within itself. So what actually is destiny? If we take a look at our mythological past, we find many stories that tell us that everyone is born with a cause and upon fulfillment of that particular cause, we find our destiny. We are destined to be of some change to not just ours but others life as well. We have heard of people leaving body after their cause of birth is fulfilled. These might be some mythological mysteries but they teach us some pretty useful lesson which we don't bother to find out. 

Love is a destiny as well, we get in relationship with a different individual who were pretty stranger to us at some point of time. We fall in love with them and tend to fill in the gap they had in their life. Love is a destiny that teaches us that happiness is not just finding our meaning of life but helping others find their's as well. Being together for no matter how many years fulfilling and enjoying each other's company is no bigger then an achievement in life.

We learn just the amount of thing we want to hear in our life. The tales told by our ancestors were not just to enjoy them in free time but had some serious message in them. We hear them and forget them but wouldn't it be great if we tried to learn their message. Every story has just one message in them, "to find the true meaning of our existence". What are we meant to do in this world? What is the importance of our existence, no body ever asks. We just live because we are born and death is a fact that can't be denied. But what between these undeniable truth of birth and death? What purpose do we have?

People these days have forgot to look for their meaning of life, they just get into the race of life to survive not trying to recognize what they were born for. We often see people enjoying whatever they do in their life and some tensed even after having the most cherished lifestyle. The person who is happy, we call them as they were destined to be what they are. But how do we know that. The people who find the purpose of their life tend to be the happiest one. They some how find what they were meant to do in their life and accept them as their eternal truth. So understanding your ability and potential and heading towards wherever they take you will eventually land you in happiness, and finding happiness in this you do is your true destiny. 

There is no road map to your destiny, there are no road signs, its a long lonely road till you find what actually your destiny beholds. You will eventually find the meaning of your existence once you start to follow what gives you happiness then to do what makes others happy. Its your destiny, its you to fulfill. Some get happiness making others happy, its their destiny, its how they were meant to be. 

Find your dreams, live you dreams. The dreams are remembered when you actually start chasing them else we always have our imagination to fulfill them. Find you destiny, find your happiness, live life king size. 

What's your destiny have you ever tried to realize. Please let know in the comments below.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Most Valued Feeling

What is faith? Is it something that you show or something that helps you survive? What place does it have in your everyday life? Let's discuss something about faith this time. Just a five lettered word but yet a huge meaning and importance to one's life, sometimes defined related to godliness and sometimes to show just the belief in someone.

Faith is a simple word yet with a more precise significance. If you ask Google about faith, it would come up to with a bunch of different definition. Some of them might be as follows:
  • complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
  • strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof.
These are the words spoken by Google but what actually is faith for you?

We all have something to believe on. Some of us believe on god, some of us believe in hard work, some in time. If you ask for what faith is, the first person you think of in problems, is the one you have full faith in. As a child you walk without any fear, that's the faith you have on parents. As you grow up, you look up for suggestions from the loved ones, that's your faith on them. You marry someone and decide to spend whole life with them, that's faith you have upon your life. Faith is not a feeling alone, its a choice we get to make throughout our life whether or not to look upon something we have always lacked upon.

Love is faith in disguise. We have faith upon whoever we love with all our heart. If you ask me for a perfect example of faith, I have it ready for you and you might relate to it as well. No one of us know whether we get to live tomorrow or not. No one knows if we go to sleep today, we might not wake up but we all sleep setting up alarm for tomorrow, that's faith for me. We all have things planned for next day, that's faith. We all hope to see each other next day, that's faith.

Things to remember in life is that if you ever want something then start working for it, never let it be programmed for later, you won't know what might happen. If you have started to work for your dreams then remember two things, have patience and never lose faith on yourself. These two words, "faith" and "patience" are keys to success. Its not as hard as you make up by yourself, everything you do requires hard work and patience. Believe in yourself and achieve whatever you want in life.

Faith is like a little flower to blossom, let it grow and you will be amazed with the fragrance it gives out when it has bloomed. Have faith and work hard, hard work always pays off and every hurdles you have ever faced will get easier by the time.

If would like to share anything with me then please comment down below and please share. Thank you, have faith upon yourself.  

Saturday, March 24, 2018


Physical VS Mental Waste

Hearing the word "waste", what actually comes to your mind? Do you get pictures of those dirt and dust being thrown away? Or you get the picture of human waste lying around just everywhere. That's all but just the physical interpretation of waste but about the mental aspect. Have you ever thought that way, have you given the term a second angle of view. Well let me tell you what things you might consider. I have had these thoughts almost every time I tend to go in a deep thought about life.

Speaking about the waste, I never actually imagined about the physical waste but my views were clear for just more important concerns in life. We always had our concerns in our life, wasting so much of time which we could actually had invested in our dreams. Seeing a dream for yourself and someone you care is a noble thought but wasting your precious time just by overthinking it is not a productive thing. 

Yes, by the mental waste I actually meant about the psychological waste we gather throughout our life. We just waste so much of our time and energy over unwanted and unnecessary things that we forget to live and enjoy our happy times. We just gather those wastes that we could never recycle or reuse or even had any use in the first place. Every now and then we just travel with a burden of waste in our life.

We all are students of different discipline throughout our life. Every moment life teaches us a lesson that's either gonna make us or break us. But we are so busy in our problems that we waste so much of our opportunities that life gives us. We waste our time, the most precious thing a person could ever have, we throw our energy in unwanted things, we neglect those opportunities life gives us every moment. But who cares, we have problems of our own to tackle with. 

We get so much of trapped in our problems that we just think about it all the time. There is a way of getting it solved and getting over it just in front of us but just the thing we see is our problem. We have a single lifespan to make it great then why shall we waste it over small and unnecessary things.

We always wanted to be like someone in our entire life and some point we figure out that being like someone is not purpose of our life. I am not saying that we cannot be like someone but a hard work is something that counts. We can have someone as idol but can't be the same person. We waste our time being like someone we can never be and forget what true essence of being ourselves is. 

We have set of negative questions prepared for every moments happening in our life. If we get problems, we are prepared with "Why me?" but never we reply life back with "Try me". We instead of finding ways to solve problems, get trapped in the thoughts why just that happened and again "Why just me?". Problem, sorrow, trouble, obstacles, these are the ultimate truth of life, we cannot avoid them, we cannot deny them. We just tend to postpone them forward in life. Accepting and finding ways is the first and most important part of solution and rest of the solution just follows behind.

If you got a problem, just don't waste your time thinking over it and getting depressed. Try to find a back door to the problem that gives you the clear idea about solving them. Channel your energy towards the positive things in life and not making a fuss about problems you faced. If you ever failed in life, make it a step towards success, not a hurdle for your fall. Let the failure define your success. Let the effort you put into work define you determination not the time you waste to worry.

We are little creatures but have great determination, we have small mind but great imagination, we have limited strength but unlimited potential. If despite of having such great qualities we just waste them, then I am afraid to say but we have to question ourselves what our roots are and what have we been given birth for? 

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Painful but True

What is struggle for you? Is it something that you do to achieve something you always desired to get or is it something that you get all the time whenever you think of doing something? This particular word "struggle" has become "must-use" word in anyone's story. But what actually does the word "struggle" mean. 
According to the, "struggle is a determined effort under difficulties". So does it mean anyone and everyone who is having a bad time, is struggling through his/her life? Pretty unsure answer to pretty straight forward question right. Let me keep my point of view. I believe struggle is doing things constantly that you believe will lead to success but a long term one and not the immediate one. Keeping calm in such situation is real struggle, knowing your works are not generating immediate results yet sticking to the plans.

 Everyone in this world has their own part of struggle to discuss with but the success goes to the one who despite of hard times never loses calm and remembers those struggles only to see how successful s/he has been. I don't like the ones sharing or should I say boasting about their mini struggles which they see as the global problem. If you have had some milestones completed in your life, people should remind you of it not you should be reminding people. There should be a purpose for a life. There must be some dedication to fulfill that purpose of life and a true dedication brings out the success in ones life. 

Struggle brings out the inner you from within yourself. Like as an example, we all love to have a good physique, we love to have those lovely looking body but one those get them who struggle to have them. A weight might look heavier one day but constant devotion will make it look smaller some day.

Legends have struggled for noble cause, to free their nation, to feed their child but these days, the struggle is done to have a girl for yourself, it is done to fill the pocket. The true essence of the word has been lost.

On a concluding note, struggle is not something to boast about, the effort you put into that struggle shall speak for you. It is today's struggle that prepares you for tomorrow because a new day will always arrive with its own sets of challenges. So keep up your struggle for noble cause.  

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Peek In The Past

My Thoughts 

Happiness or sadness, these are not the choices of our lives but throughout life we keep on believing that if we will, we can change what is written in our so called "fortune". Well we all have a life to live, we can decide what we want to have in our life but everything comes with a price. If there is sorrow then there comes joy attached with it. We just have to search for it. Searching for the meaning of life isn't that difficult but is very important. Some of we just tend to spend life as it is brought in front of us. Very few of us try to reach beyond our imagination and make it a reality, and those few succeed in life.

I am here to talk about my experiences and thoughts. We tend to seek happiness in almost every step of our life not knowing of or neglecting the fact that we have to put in some effort to get results. Being a student most of us will agree how we feel upon seeing our results. There's always been a period in everyone's life when despite of hard work we have put in the task, we just get failure. Taking that failure as the end of those hard work is human nature but making it a step towards success and learning from it is something beyond hard work. That not only provides us with the courage to tackle similar events in future but also ensures our success for that particular task. It is well said "Try try until you succeed". 

We should never stop trying. The worst we can get from it is failure but that failure too will give us some idea about the task. If you are confused about doing a task, you should definitely do that task because even if we fail, we will get some great experience. 
My life, I won't say has been full of ups and downs because there are lot more to come my way and I am on the phase of preparation for whatever life puts in front of me. As many years I have been on this earth, I have learnt things that shapes your future. Your hardwork, dedication, will, everything determines how you will be shaping your upcoming years. 
Love is a beautiful gift from almighty. Love has the greatest power among every other feelings in life. Mother's love shapes the childhood of an infant, it gives them necessary knowledge about the environment s/he will be facing after the similar household experience. Love form parents/guardians are meant for the starting of a child's adventure called life. Then there's important place of siblings. They share their experiences with there life and guides us in our life. The rest of ourselves is showed to us by our partners in our love life. They bring out the good in us and show us what life beholds for us. We sometimes get the meaning of love as being physical attraction but it is anything else other than physical attraction. It is mental, psychological, etc that arises from within the soul. I have someone who actually has the string of my life which gets pulled every now and then when life tries to push me away. Its great to have someone who influence us. Don't leave those people in life who showed you the true meaning of life.

Live life loving your loved ones.  

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pursuit of Happiness


We humans are always in search of peace and happiness. As there are different meanings to the term "love" so is for happiness. For few, earning lots of money is happiness. For some, fulfilling their dreams is happiness. For some, having their loved one's smiling is happiness and so on.

There are many aspects of happiness. All people desire to have them and those who work with their full potential are able to achieve them. But some give up their hopes on the way. 

All we human have is the result of our deeds. If we are sad, it might be that we haven't worked enough. Our happiness might be because of our good deeds. All our life all we want is happiness for ourselves, for our loved one's, for family etc. but don't think of working hard. For the ultimate happiness, working hard is equally important. A potter tries very hard to present a perfect pot, a craftsman works very hard to bring out the most of a design. 

All of them work hard as they realize happiness isn't simply granted, it is earned. In the hard pace of life, running for the artificial satisfaction, we have forgot to live for ourselves. Happiness is living for ourselves, fulfilling our desires, getting our dreams fulfilled. Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

 In addition to making us feel good, studies have found that happiness actually improves other aspects of our lives. Here is an overview of some of the good stuff that research has linked to happiness.
  • Happiness is good for our health: Happy people are less likely to get sick, and they live longer.
  • Happiness is good for our relationships: Happy people are more likely to get married and have fulfilling marriages, and they have more friends.
  • Happy people make more money and are more productive at work.
  • Happy people are more generous.
  • Happy people cope better with stress and trauma.
  • Happy people are more creative and are better able to see the big picture.

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